BBD Halftime Performance

BBD teamed up with the Houston Texans Cheerleaders to entertain fans during the Texans Week 1 contest against the Chiefs.

Watch the halftime show performance below.


  • Tina

    Kind of sad to be a Houstonian after seeing that! I mean DANG no love for BBD??? Y’all are out y’alls mind… I pray BBD that you don’t take that to heart because they were in their feelings that day and more worried about the game than the amazing show you guys always perform! Even with tech problems y’all still rocked it!!!! I also pray that you do a BBD show here in Houston… Non Texan’s game related… So I can attend, I am such a huge fan and would so enjoy it! I’m actually going to have a BBD inspired birthday party this year in March as I crossover into being in my 30’s at the awesome age of 31, would be a miracle and honor to meet you all if I had a bday wish and I’d you all weren’t already occupied…. Anyways, let me close because I’m sure you won’t see this but just showing love that you deserved plus some for the show, thank you from the bottom of this little Houstonian’s heart!!

    P.S. Thanks Mike for the Texan’s gear! I know you’d rather wear Boston’s colors lol You do wear Red, White and Blue well!!! And as always Ricki and Ronnie were hott as well!!!!